Tournament Softball Teams near Harriton High School


• Tournament softball teams provide highly committed players with the opportunity to greatly expand their playing skills in high-level competitive softball. Tournament teams play year-round (fall tournaments, winter practices, spring/summer tournaments); girls play 70 to 100+ games per year. The time and financial commitment required for tournament softball participation is significant—a helpful overview can be found here. The vast majority of softball players named to the 2017 All-Central-League first and second teams played tournament softball, and most Div I-III college softball players had substantial tournament team experience from ages 10 to 18.

• Tryouts for tournament teams are typically in late July/early-to-mid August and are highly competitive—it is not unusual to have 35-40 girls from several townships trying out for 12-13 roster positions.

• The following tournament team websites are listed because of the teams' proximity to Lower Merion Township/Narberth Borough and because Harriton softball players have recently played on teams affiliated with several of these organizations, but no endorsement of any organization is implied by inclusion in this list.